Karen Mallard for Congress

Hi, I'm Karen Mallard.

As a public school teacher Karen Mallard has spent her entire adult life fighting for Virginia’s children and now she’s ready to bring that tenacity and devotion to public service to Congress by repealing and replacing Republican incumbent Scott Taylor in Virginia’s 2nd congressional district. Karen was inspired to become a teacher the day she found out her father, a coal miner, couldn’t read. The first person she taught to read was her father but over the course of her 30 year teaching career she’s brought the joy of reading to hundreds of Virginia children.

Like many people, Karen woke up on November 9th 2016 committed to fighting the Trump agenda. In one generation her family had moved from poverty to prosperity and now the very programs that made her American dream come true are in jeopardy. The nomination of Betsy Devos to head the Department of Education was the catalyst for her run for Congress. The Trump/Taylor/Devos agenda will decimate America’s public education system and wreak havoc on American families unless we act now and take back control of Congress.

A first time candidate for public office Karen has an extensive background in community service, professional service, and Democratic politics. She has knocked on hundreds of doors and made phone calls to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. She makes her run for the Democratic Party’s nomination buoyed by an army of fellow campaign volunteers, teachers, workers, and former students by her side.

From the PTA to being a little league volunteer to coaching basketball, Karen Mallard has spent a lifetime serving the 2nd congressional district. She has built durable and extensive relationships across the political spectrum. She isn’t merely from the 2nd district, she is the 2nd district.

On the Issues.


The Affordable Care Act has brought healthcare to millions of Americans saving thousands of lives. I’ll fight hard to protect Obamacare while working to push the country towards a system providing universal coverage. Trumpcare threatens to kick 23 million Americans off their health insurance and decimate Medicaid. Scott Taylor already voted once to destroy our healthcare system and we can’t let him do it again. We must repeal and replace Scott Taylor!

A Fair Economy

Unlike Scott Taylor, I know that a strong economy is built from the bottom up, not from the top down. America deserves a raise! Low minimum wages not only hurt low income workers and force taxpayers to subsidize large corporations, they hold down wages for the middle class as well. Until the minimum wage is raised to a living wage and pegged to inflation, middle class wages will remain stagnate. That is why I will fight to pass a minimum wage increase that will help push up wages for all Americans.


The Trump/Devos agenda will be devastating to public education. The proposed cuts will jeopardize programs that provide an opportunity for working class and socioeconomically disadvantaged children to achieve success. We must prepare all students with 21st century skills. We must also ensure that all educators have the resources and tools they need to get the job done. As a 30-year veteran teacher, I can tell you that educators witness the triumphs and failures of public policy as they play out in our classrooms every day.


We must have the strongest military the world has ever known and be prepared to fight on many fronts against 21st century threats. We need to make a strong commitment to taking care of our troops, our vets, and our military families.  We need to ensure that our veterans have access to quality and timely health care, opportunities for education, and pathways to transition to the workforce after their service is over.  Those who serve pay a personal price to defend our freedom and caring for our military families is a sacred responsibility.  When our troops are deployed, we have a duty to care for their families. When they return from service it is our duty to honor their sacrifice by keeping our commitments to them such as the GI Bill and the VA. I will fight every day for our military families and veterans.


The Trump budget proposes eliminating the Chesapeake Bay cleanup fund. The Bay is not just an ecological treasure, it is a trillion-dollar industry providing Virginia families with thousands of jobs and producing millions of dollars of revenue for the Commonwealth. Efforts to clean up the Bay have been immensely successful. However, President Trump’s and the EPA’s rollback put all that progress in jeopardy. Now, more than ever we need a strong advocate for environmental protection in Congress. As your representative, I vow to fight the Trump-Pruitt agenda and keep America moving towards a sustainable, clean energy future.

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